We work habits, biases and perceptions of leaders and employees from the core, in order to produce long lasting changes and more engaged professionals.


We help people effectively in finding their own intentional leadership framework, developing the growth attitude they need to succeed.


We support organizations in building more adaptable human beings, able to deal with the challenges of a VUCA world with openness, creativity and emotional intelligence.

Coneex Coaching is a European Network of Core Energy™ Coaches for Corporate Environments.

Core Energy™ Coaching is an original methodology developed by iPEC Coaching School, with more than 20 years of experience and research-backed metrics.

We envision a world where all organizations are able to create impactful innovations, reach their maximum potential and sustain long-term success by raising the level of consciousness of their people.

A Contemporary approach to Corporate Coaching
for radically new

Our Services


Coaching 1:1

Personalized 1-to-1 executive coaching path focused on contemporary leadership for top-tier managers.

Group Coaching

Coaching path for teams fostering emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication and vision.

and Training programs

Grow your people mindset through customized Core Energy Coaching-based experiences.

Diagnostic through
ELI Assessment

Measure your level of consciousness and know the drivers of your behavior before to start your coaching path

New economic paradigms are forcing Companies to change from the foundations.

We are living in a highly competitive world.

Exponential Innovations, Recurrent Crisis, Uncertainty, Volatility and much more, are demanding a “Quantic Change” in how Leaders and Teams work.

Organizations can respond to this challenge either by putting more stress on productivity through stricter hierarchical control of their employees, or they can adapt themself to this new scenario in order to attract, develop and retain the best talent in the market.

We think that the latter is the more sustainable way to not only survive, but to succeed in this brand new landscape.

They trust Coneex

Coaching = Growth

Corporate Coaching helps organizations to improve their competitive position, maximize benefits and minimize costs. It is designed to enhance professional skills, interpersonal awareness and personal effectiveness.

Several studies demonstrate that coaching positively impacts sales and revenues by improving skills, aligning goals, boosting confidence, fostering accountability, enhancing adaptability, strengthening customer relationships, and promoting continuous improvement. Investing in coaching is a strategic move that can lead to sustained sales growth and increased profitability for any organization.

Increased sales *

Increased profit *

* 2020, Gallup research. “Give Up Bossing, Take Up Coaching: You’ll Like the Results”

What’s coaching for?

Coaching is a form of systematic feedback intervention that is designed to enhance professional skills, interpersonal awareness and personal effectiveness. It is a guided, structured and continuously monitored improvement process that brings a participant closer to the pre-established optimum performance level for one’s current function in an organization.

Many  professional coaching
tools and techniques are
scientifically proven to reduce

Coaching helps people process what is going on.

Coaching helps people find their own resilience and capacity, even when we can’t change the external landscape.

Coaching will lead to permanent
changes for individuals and

It is more critical than ever to
retain and develop top talent.

Coaches help people get
unstuck and move out of fixed
patterns or mindsets.

People are thinking about
purpose and meaning as a result of this crisis.

People will be using this opportunity to make major life and work changes and they need someone to help navigate this change.

Featured Quotes

Several recent studies and the most important consultancy firms and business magazine
recognize that this is the moment for  the Organizations to invest in their people SOFT SKILLS

“This year, intensifying economic, social, and political disruption are forcing organizations to move beyond mission statements and social impact programs to putting humans at the center of their business strategies and learning to lead the social enterprise. To bring meaning back into the workplace and a human identity back tothe the worker, it’s clear that traditional human capital programs and processes must be reinvented.”

2019 Global Human Capital
Trends | Deloitte Insights

“As we move into the future of work where AI and robotics are coworking with humans,
wellbeing is going to become even more
important. The things that make you human like creativity, empathy, complex problem solving and storytelling require us to be well.

In order to have continued high performance we must take care of ourselves.”

How Deloitte is addressing
employee burnout with real
timedata, Forbes (Nov 13, 2019)

“The important point is that purpose is an
iterative concept , that we have to connect to tangible impact and the meaning it has to us. Enjoying the benefits (motivations, productivity, fulfillment, reduced anxiety and stress, better sleep, and more) of purpose requires this back and forth laddering up and down from our specific actions to their larger significance, and then the broader goal they advance.”

How To Connect Today's Lunch To
A Motivating Purpose, Forbes
(Nov 25, 2019)